Decorative Fish Trap Workshop

Ever wondered if you’d survive and find food if you were washed up on a desert island? Or would you just like to make a beautiful woven art piece for your wall? In this workshop you’ll learn to use plant materials to make cordage and weave a fish trap using the basketry technique of twining. Humans around the world have been using these techniques since ancient times to make fish traps. This particular design is of my own invention, but uses elements that are common to many cultures. It is intended as a decorative piece, not to be used for actual fishing.

Weaving is a very satisfying and relaxing way to improve your hand dexterity and coordination, and to make a deeper connection with nature and with cultural traditions common to all humanity. Included in the workshop will be discussion around the history of weaving and fish traps, explanation of preparation of materials, and demonstrations followed by one-to-one instruction. Notes and all materials will be provided.Decorative Woven Fish Trap