Sculptural Random Weaving Workshop

Random weaving is a basketry technique which has opened up new and exciting avenues for sculptural construction. Random weaving was the first weaving technique I learned, and it is still one of my favourites. Like various other fibre artists who like to experiment with materials, I ‘discovered’ the technique on my own while working with vines in the garden in 2002, but I am indebted to the late Virginia Kaiser for teaching me the principles that make random weaving strong and stable.

I have been teaching random weaving since 2005, and several of my former students have gone on to teach and exhibit random weaving themselves.

This workshop usually begins with the preparation and use of rattan cane, locally available vines, and other plant materials. Alternatively, the workshop can include synthetic modern materials such as electrical wires. Students will be taken through basic random weaving skills before exploring methods of creating more complex forms. They will then use these versatile free form techniques to create their own fibre sculpture.

To book this workshop for your venue, contact Meri Peach.

Fibre sculpture 'Burrow Skin' by Meredith Peach
‘Burrow Skin’