SharkChic is the business of Meredith (Meri) Peach, artist, fibre sculptor and basket maker.

I am an Australian fibre sculptor working with natural fibres and reclaimed synthetic materials. My route to this career was circuitous. Since I was a child I have been interested in art and nature, and as an adult I have worked in both art and biology. I completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts and worked for several years as an artist, illustrator and photographer. Feeling that the more analytical side of my personality was not being satisfied, however, I later returned to university to do a Bachelor of Science and PhD in biology, and thereafter worked as a marine biologist. My nickname at the time was Shark Chick – and I’m not the only one; it’s a moniker often given to women working with sharks. I often joked that if I ever returned to being an artist, that is what I would call my business.

I first experimented with basket making in 2002 and soon after branched out into fibre sculpture. Over the next decade I gradually phased out my scientific work as my artistic practice became full-time. My biology background continues to influence my work, which often references structures in nature and human relationships with the environment. I have taught fibre sculpture and basketry workshops since 2005. I regularly exhibit my work in group and solo gallery exhibitions. I sell my baskets through Sturt Gallery and Timeless Textiles. I also write about fibre and basketry, and am currently the Newsletter Editor and President of Basketry NSW Inc.

For more information on my current practice see my blog or find meripeachartist on Instagram.